Power Station Confined Space Inspection

Terra Drone was one of the first companies in Australia to introduce the Swiss developed Flyability Elios, the world’s first collision tolerant remotely piloted aircraft (also known as UAV or drone).

Terra Drone was engaged by its client to conduct internal inspections of three areas within heat recovery steam generators located in a Power Station on a Western Australian mine site. Typically the inspections would involve scaffolding or rope access, both methods adding to the shutdown time and significant additional costs. The inspection work focused on gas burner duct clearance and water pipe integrity.

Terra Drone provides a competent remote pilot who is trained in confined space inspection and undertakes the work annually during planned shut downs of each processing train. Pre-operational planning includes a detailed risk assessment, permit to work, emergency response and rescue plan.

Every visit requires a number of days operating the Elios on-site with the clients’ inspection personnel. Before every flight the UAV operator pre-plans the internal intricate flight paths with the client, using labelled CAD drawings to identify which assets are to be inspected and recorded with the HD imagery.

High definition video and stills are provided to the client with any anomalies/defects identified onsite and incorporated into a Summary Inspection Report.


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