Power Plant Photogrammetry

Terra Drone was engaged by Transfield Worley Power Services as operators of the Collie Power Station to undertake a 3D model and condition assessment of the CPS Cooling Towers.

The survey was undertaken utilising a multi-rotor remotely piloted aircraft fitted with an RGB camera and a high precision GNSS system for precise photo event marks. Several oblique and planar capture missions were undertaken in a double-grid approach over the live structure.

Images, flight logs, corrected GPS trajectories and locations of ground control points were used in structure-from-motion software to align the images, build a dense point cloud and generate a 3d model for inspection purposes.

Highly detailed 3D models are typically used for visualisation, project planning and training purposes. We enable our clients to visualise their assets in 3D and to point and click to view highly detailed inspection photos enabling condition assessment to be undertaken at the desktop.

C4D Intel
3D model and condition assessment

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