Large Aerial Mining Tenement

Terra Drone was commissioned to produce high resolution orthorectified digital stereography over tenements in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Worldview 2 satellite data was acquired and a detailed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle survey was conducted. The two data sets were co-registered and processed to produce numerous spatial products.

Terra Drone developed computational methods, processes and procedures to support the processing of large-volume of UAV-based imagery data towards orthophoto and Digital Surface Model (DSM) generation. In addition, 3D data points obtained from overlapping imagery were classified to produce bare-ground height model (also known as Digital Terrain Model).

A rigorous quality check was conducted to ensure the final dataset was of high quality in terms of horizontal and vertical accuracy as well as spectral correctness. Then, WV2 imagery was registered to the UAV orthophoto to sub-pixel accuracy using corresponding points that were clearly identifiable on both imagery datasets.

orthorectified digital stereography
orthorectified digital stereography

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