Beach Condition Survey and Change Detection

Terra Drone undertook a comprehensive aerial survey of Port Beach for the Department of Transport in Western Australia for the purpose of modelling the beach and primary dune system for condition assessment following erosive events as a result of winter storms.

The survey was undertaken utilising a multi-rotor remotely piloted aircraft fitted with RGB camera and a high precision GNSS system for precise photo event marks. Two 20 minute missions were undertaken at 70 metres above ground level during appropriate weather conditions and when public use of the beach was low to mitigate any potential public safety concerns.

Images, flight logs, corrected GPS trajectories and locations of ground control points were used in structure-from-motion software to align the images, build a dense point cloud and generate an ultra-high resolution orthomosaic and Digital Terrain Model. It is envisaged that repeat surveys will be conducted, post-remediation works and as an on-going beach condition monitoring program.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft, or RPA are an excellent tool for generating very high-resolution datasets for change detection over time. Terra Drone is able to capture RGB, NIR, Multispectral and Lidar datasets in high resolution and to high precision spatial accuracy.

Drone aerial survey
Drone aerial survey

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