Using drone technology (or remotely piloted aircraft), we undertake highly detailed and accurate surveys and generate high resolution ortho-imagery and derived products. Sensors include visual RGB, near infrared and full spectrum.


We can provide our clients with both 2D and 3D topographical surveys from both airborne photogrammetry, airborne Lidar and terrestrial Lidar. We offer highly detailed elevation models down to 1cm resolution.


We offer fast, accurate and reliable volumetric surveys from both airborne photogrammetry and airborne Lidar. Typical projects include end of month or as required stockpile audits of minerals, quarried rock and forest products.


BIM technology is transforming the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and managed. Using accurate point cloud data, we can produce 3D models in Revit format. CAD and BIM models are typically used on civil, construction and plan design and engineering.


A 3D mesh is a structural build of a 3D model into geometric shapes. 3D meshes are typically used for modelling irregular shapes. Typical projects include underground 3D mapping or terrain modelling.


We provide our clients with access to highly detailed photo-realistic 3D reality models that are typically used for visualisation, training, marketing, project planning and scenario testing. Users are able to walk through realistic environments with or without VR goggles.


Using a drone or remote crawlers, pole cameras and internal inspection robotics we offer a range of visual, thermal and lidar inspection services. Typical environments include underground mining, shipping holds and processing facilities.


Using remotely piloted aircraft and pole cameras, we provide our clients the ability to inspect their ‘at height’ assets, removing the need for complex and expensive rope access or scaffolding. Typical projects include stack, power line, chimney, and roof structure inspections.

About Us

Terra Drone Group is a global network consisting of more than 30 leading tech companies. Terra Drone Australia are an industry innovation leader dedicated to providing cost effective drone technology, survey, inspection and modelling services, together with advanced data processing and artificial intelligence, to our customers. We have a diverse client base across the mining, oil and gas, power and forestry industries in Australia.


Fully insured including aviation insurance, public liability, professional indemnity and workers compensation.

Offshore trained

Trained and experienced in offshore operations including MSIC, TBOISET and CSTP.

Police clearance

All operators hold current National Police Clearance.


Aviation operations audited and compliant with Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard.


All aviation operations conducted under the approval of Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


Minerals & Metals

We have extensive experience in servicing the Australian mining and exploration industry including aerial surveying, asset inspection and asset modelling. Typical projects include wide area ultra-high resolution imagery, internal confined space inspection, asset condition assessment, plant modelling and underground mapping. We provide outcomes that reduce personnel risk, reduce operational costs and improve the visibility of asset condition.

Oil & Gas

We provide the onshore and offshore hydrocarbons industry a range of services in relation to asset inspection and condition assessment. Typical projects include close up visual and thermal inspections of live assets such as platforms, monopods, FPSOs and onshore facilities and processing plants. We also provide 3D modelling services that allow our client to visualise their assets and produce digital twins vastly improving the management of assets.


We provide our infrastructure and civil engineering clients access to high end aerial surveying, inspection and modelling services. Whether it is for planning, construction progress monitoring, condition assessment or digitising existing assets, we have significant experience and the resources to execute the most demanding projects. Typical engagements include rail deformation inspections, bridge integrity inspections, topographical aerial surveys, roof condition assessment, and construction progress monitoring.


We provide forest managers access to ultra-high resolution aerial photogrammetry surveys and aerial lidar data of both plantations and native forests. Typical projects include pre-planting digital elevation models and contour generation, seedling survival assessment, yield prediction modelling, forest health assessment and fire mapping and surveillance. We turn data into information that helps forest managers make improvement decisions.


railway bridge condition inspection

Railway Bridge Inspection

Terra Drone was engaged to undertake a railway bridge condition inspection for an Engineering firm who typically used scaffolding to inspect ‘at height’ railway bridges. This approach to safely inspect

orthorectified digital stereography

Large Aerial Mining Tenement

Terra Drone was commissioned to produce high resolution orthorectified digital stereography over tenements in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Worldview 2 satellite data was acquired and a detailed Unmanned